Nadia Porras– Owner & Founder

Nadia Porras was born in Monterrey, Mexico. She found a love for perfection and the calmness of a clean house in her mother, who was the cleanest person she ever knew. She brought that passion and drive to America. When Nadia was 26 years old she obtained a Bachelors degree in finance and business administration. With this new skill set in her portfolio, she set off on her dream of owning her own business.

All Services Cleaning Company was established in 2017. With the mission of bringing a clean, fresh and detailed cleaning service to all her clients. All Services Cleaning Company specializes in Residential, Commercial and Real-Estate cleaning services tailored to all your cleaning needs.

In her free time Nadia volunteers at domestic violence shelters and works with disabled children. Through her outreach in the Winston Salem community she had bonded and employed the women and mothers she encountered.

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